Grumpy Cat wasn't the only grumpy, grouchy or disgruntled-looking cat out there, as this selection of 10 seriously scowling sour pusses shows.   

George Of The Jungle: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats


1) Georgie Grrrrl

George of the Jungle: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

Like most “grumpy” cats, George only LOOKS like he wants to watch the world burn. The dearly-departed and sorely-missed British Shorthair had another side – the “Mr. Sweetness” side – that he may have reserved for family members when the camera was turned off. George lived to the grand old age of 20, proving that grumpiness (like beauty) is only skin-deep. (grumpy cat images at top and above via In Loving Memory Bluebear & Lani)   


2) Wild About Hairy

Swiss Zoo Wildcat: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

Check out the puss on this puss – could it be that not all wildcats love the wild life? Maybe it's the opposite: this wildcat from a Swiss zoo would probably prefer to roam the wide open spaces even though the care, security and most especially the cheese is way better on the inside of the fence. (grumpy cat image via Tambako the Jaguar)


3) Flower Power Scower

Flower Power Scower: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

The sun is shining, the flowers are in bloom, and... it's awful?? Uh huh, hay fever will do that to even the sunniest person... or feline. (grumpy cat image via Mike Prince)


4) Life Sphynx

Life Sphynx: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

That look that you give when Mom tunes the TV to whatever your bro or sis wants 'cuz Mom Likes Them Best. Nothing else to do but stare down the photographer until they leave or my fur grows back, whatever comes first. (grumpy cat image via Shannon Badiee)


5) Does This Garden Make Me Look Fat?

Chubby Gray Grumpy Cat: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

That's a question to be answered very, very carefully... or just run for the hills NOW! Seems like the photographer has already made up their mind by captioning this photo “Chubby grumpy cat”... nice knowin' ya, brave-but-foolish camera guy. (grumpy cat image via Matthew Vandeputte)   


6) Frown Turned Upside Down

Twisted Sister Cat: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

Here's a new twist on cat heads, wonder if it'll catch on? You could tilt your own head in order to view the cat's face mano-a-catto but be advised: your head might get locked into that position 4-ever. In other words, that's just what the cat had planned in the first place. (grumpy cat image via Zoi Koraki)   


7) Hands Off

Melbourne Theater Cat: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

“Go ahead, punk, touch my head again and MAKE MY DAY.” Isn't it weird that humans automatically assume they can pat a cat on the head whenever they want? They can, of course, but consequences will never be the same again! (grumpy cat image via irrational_cat)   


8) Thousand Yard Stare

Thousand Yard Stare Cat: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

This cat has seen some stuff... and he won't forget it anytime soon. Quick, somebody buy this poor puss a beer and write a country music song about him – we'll wait. (grumpy cat image via Gnu Snow Studios)   


9) If Looks Could Kill

Jetta Angriest Cat: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

This is “Jetta, the Single Angriest Cat”, and though we have no idea what she's angry about (or why she's still single, for that matter), we can pretty much assume whomever or whatever got her angry is going to pay, BIG TIME. They say one should never go to bed angry. We'll add that you shouldn't go to bed at all if Jetta's the one who's angry and it's just the two of you in the house. (grumpy cat image via Jason Scott)   


10) Diabeetus?

Diabeetus Shrimp-Eating Cat: The Internet's Top 10 Grumpiest Cats

Wow, Wilford Brimley has really let himself go. According to the photographer, this is a “Cool beach cat. When he approached us and looked - we immediately decided to give him a couple of shrimp.” Only a couple? That would explain the beast's witheringly dismissive expression. To this cat at least, life's a Red Lobster and it's always Endless Shrimp. (grumpy cat image via Phuket@photographer

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