The New Orleans airport is one-upping (or two or three-upping) other U.S. airports that offer therapy animals for travelers to pet before take-off, by providing an emotional support alligator!


Therapy alligator at New Orleans airport



Only if you travel on Friday afternoons between 1:30 and 3:30 PM can you and your kids have this unique experience at the baggage pickup area, but it will be a one-of-a-kind experience, for sure, captured by all the seflies you want to take.


Selfie frame at New Orleans International Airport


Hmm... Was that your date?


The alligator support program is sponsored by the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport and the Audubon Nature Institute, a vast adventure land with a zoo, aquarium, and insectarium in New Orleans.

It is not clear whether the emotional support alligators receive any specific training for their jobs, but they are used to being handled by humans quite a bit at the zoo. The 'therapists' are between one and three years old and measure between one and three feet.

The New Orleans Airport, as well as other airports across the country, offer flyers the opportunity to meet therapy dogs. Occasionally, airports have featured therapy pigs, like in San Francisco.


Therapy pig at San Francisco Airport



And then there are the therapy Miniature Horses at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.


Miniature horses provide therapy at the CNKIA



For those of you who have a layover in an airport or who arrive quite early for your flight, here are 12 airports that have therapy dogs you can visit: 12 North American Airports Where You Can Pet a Therapy Dog.


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