Bringing a goldfish home from the pet shop in a clear, water-filled plastic bag is a fond memory and Off-The-Hook sandwich bags tap into those memories while safeguarding workplace lunches.    

Something's Fishy About These Off-The-Hook Sandwich Bags

Sold in boxes of 20 bags, Off-The-Hook sandwich bags are a cool way to personalize your bagged lunch while keeping it sealed against intruders and/or the elements. Like most modern sandwich bags, Off-The-Hook bags seal with an integral zip-type closure.

Something's Fishy About These Off-The-Hook Sandwich Bags

The bags measure 173mm x 215mm x 5mm or roughly 7” by 8.5” by 1/5”. What kind of sandwich you choose to use them with is up to you: tuna or salmon is the obvious choice. Those with a flair for the surreal can always use them to bring home goldfish from the pet shop. Order them online from BigMouth Inc's product page at Amazon or the Nico Mart product page at Amazon Japan.


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