Here comes Peter Cottontail hopping over to help you keep your desk
organized and looking great! With this cute Bunny Desk Organizer and
Bunny Tape Dispenser you can have a hopping good time!

Bunny Desk AccessoriesBunny Desk Accessories

With the desk organizer you get scissors in the shape of the bunny's ears and it holds your paper clips in its classic carrot. The whimsical design will charm your socks off.

 Bunny Desk OrganizerBunny Desk Organizer

The tape dispenser is a perfect pairing with the desk organizer. It even comes with tape so that if you are giving it as a gift you won't make the recipient have to run out for office supplies.

 Bunny Tape DispenserBunny Tape Dispenser

To order a Bunny Desk Organizer, click here. To order a Bunny Tape Dispenser, click here.

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