An opportunistic Swaledale sheep from Cumbria, UK kept its wool warm and dry by ducking into a worn wooden bus shelter during Storm Hector.

Soggy Sheep Seeks Shelter From Sudden Spring Storm

Storm Hector, the most recent named storm of the 2017-18 European Windstorm Season, battered the Ireland, Scotland and northwestern England with 70mph gales and torrential downpours during the week of June 11th, 2018.

The storm caused significant property damage in urban areas but rural regions were buffeted as well. What's a farmer – and their grazing livestock – to do? Thanks to shepherdess Alison O'Neill, we know how one wily wee beastie rode out Storm Hector's relentless rain.

Soggy Sheep Seeks Shelter From Sudden Spring Storm

O'Neill, a shepherdess who owns a farm in Gardale near Sedberg, Cumbria, knows the hardy Swaledale sheep breed is accustomed to the rough and unpredictable weather conditions in the UK's rugged north. Storm Hector, however, brought heavy rains that at the very least would make life unpleasant for the thick-coated ruminants.

Concerned about her flock, O'Neill patrolled the farm's hilly moors and pastures until she came across a startling yet charming sight: one of her Swaledale's had squeezed itself into a tiny wooden bus shelter. O'Neill immediately snapped a shot of the self-satisfied sheep that included another, less clever (and more wet) sheep. “Our dry spell broke in style with Storm Hector this morning,” stated O'Neill at her Facebook. “After so many weeks of beautiful sunshine the rain came.” And if the bus comes? Count on the driver to shout “Get the flock outta here!”


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