We all know that an aluminum soda can's not the right toy for a dog, but for many dogs, it is just the right size toy. SodaPup designed a soda can just for dogs that's made of solid, non-toxic, biodegradable rubber. In fact, the company designed a whole line of natural rubber container and lid toys just for dogs, and dogs love them!

Inspired by American junk food icons like soda cans, pop tops, Life Saver candy, and Rocket Popsicles, SodaPup dog toys offer chewing, hunting, and fetching challenges in shapes and sizes redolent of those icons.


SodaPup Soda Can

Here's the star SodaPup toy, the Soda Can, modeling the iconic soda can still popular since the 1950's.  The Soda Can toys come in four sizes and levels of toughness, recommended for dogs up to 90 pounds.


SodaPup Soda Can dog toys


The Soda Can toys can be used for treats, as slow feeders, and as fetch toys. Here, a short video shows you how....





SodaPup Can Toy Training Dummy

Perhaps an even better fetch toy is the SodaPup Can Toy Training Dummy. Made specifically for training dogs to retrieve, the Training Dummy's rope makes it easier for you to throw and you can even squeak the toy to get your dog's attention.


SodaPup Can Toy Training Dummy

Can Toy Training Dummy




SodaPup Bottle Top Flyer Flying Discs

Little fetchers, up to 35 pounds, will enjoy the SodaPup frisbees, called Bottle Top Flyer Flying Discs....


SodaPup Bottle Top Flyer Flying Disc

SodaPup Bottle Top Flyer Flying Disc


And larger dogs (30-65 pounds) can have their own tough SodaPup Bottle Top Flyers available here!


SodaPup Can Opener Tug Toy

Here's a 12 x 5 inch tug toy for your dog (or two): the SodaPup Can Opener Tug Toy!


Soda Pup Can Opener Tug Toy

SodaPup Can Opener Tug Toy



SodaPup Rocket Pup

The Rocket Pup is my favorite SodaPup toy. Another icon that's been around more than 60 years, Rocket Popsicles, are some of the most flavorful ice pops out there, but their shapely grooves are particularly attractive to dogs.


SodaPup Rocket Pup Toy

Rocket Pup


Here are some of the ways your dog can enjoy this great toy!




I'm so glad the SodaPup products are available for our dogs. They are made right here in the U.S., they are durable, affordable, and biodegradable, and they have multiple uses, including giving your pup even more love. You can find additional SodaPup toys here.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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