Dog paw socks from What on Earth


This winter has been particularly brutal for people around the world. When harsh weather arises it's especially important to find suitable clothing to protect yourself against the frigid temperatures. Aside from that, winter is even depressing for many individuals.

One company has come up with a clever idea for combating both problems with super fun socks resembling animal paws, claws and hooves.

Winter Clothing

It's easy enough to find novelty wear, but sometimes it can be a lot harder to find it in the form of functional clothing. What On Earth is offering socks for humans that will not only keep your feet warm, but they're also a fashion statement and hysterical conversation starter. Now, from the mid-calf down you can shod your feet in cat or dog paws, horse or pig hooves, eagle talons and more.

Optical Illusions

The print on the socks has an almost 3D effect, and the detail is pretty amazing. For instance, on the bottom of the socks they've gone the extra mile and included printing emulating the underside of the animal's foot. Their elephant socks give the impression of deep indentations where the leathery hide depresses in wrinkles on a real elephant, similar to the scales on their alligator claw socks.

underside of dog paw socks

Halloween Costumes

Besides their functionality for real-life applications in keeping your feet warm, these fun and funny socks could just be the finishing touch for a number of clever Halloween costumes. Besides the swine hooves, the horse hooves come in two color combinations: tan with white socks or solid brown, so you could easily get away with being a donkey, burro, mule or goat, if you want to get technical about it.

Style & Function

Printed in fine photographic detail through a process known as sublimation, the socks are made of 100 percent polyester, they are machine washable, and they come in sizes up to men's 13. While Christmas may be over, there's no reason you can't treat yourself to a little present after the holidays. Just write it off as a necessity, not a luxury. They're also available for purchase on Amazon.

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