If you've never heard of "joring," perhaps you've heard of skijoring or sledjoring, or bikejoring? Here is a man and his dog enjoying mountainboard-joring.


Omnijore by Ruff Wear

Mountainboard Joring with the Omnijor System by Ruffwear


Joring (pronounced jur as in jury) involves an animal, usually one or more dogs or horses, pulling you while you ski, sled, bike, skateboard, or a number of other sports. These sports are called skijoring, bikejoring, skatejoring, etc.

The dog below and her owner are cannicrossing, which is cross-country joring with dogs.


Omnijor System by Ruffwear

Cannicrossing in the Omnijor System by Ruffwear


Here's a pair enjoying skijoring!


Omnijor System by Ruffwear

Omnijor System by Ruffwear Skijoring


Dogs typically used for joring are medium to large size dogs with broad chests like Malamutes, Huskies, American Bulldogs, Rottwielers, and English Mastiffs, but other dogs that like to pull have been used as well. Because you can power yourself in joring sports, the breed of dog you jore with isn't that important; it's the dog's desire to pull and the joy of the sport that's special about joring. Nevertheless, you should not use dogs with slight builds for this sport.

Special gear for you and your dog is required for these sports, but Ruffwear makes a system that is very popular because it can be used for many joring sports. It is called the Omnijor™ System.


Omnijor System by Ruffwear

Omnijor System by Ruffwear


This joring system has a dog harness with a pulling-specific design that has four adjustable points for the best fit. Its Wavelength™ webbing actually absorbs shock. It has reflective trim and a hook up front for the Beacon™, a Ruffwear headlight at the chest.

You connect with your dog through a towline that extends from the back portion of the harness to your provided hipbelt.


Omnijor System by Ruffwear

Omnijor System by Ruffwear Towline


The Omnijor Hipbelt is not only supremely comfortable but complete with everything you and your dog need to make joring easy. A water bottle and two pockets for treats are balanced and easy to reach.


Omnijor System by Ruffwear

Omnijor System by Ruffwear Hipbelt side-view



The loops under the Hipbelt hook around your legs to help stabilize the belt, and the front attachment to the Towline can extend the line, but you can also quickly release the line if necessity demands.


Omnijor System by Ruffwear

Omnijor System by Ruffwear Hipbelt front-view


If you haven't tried joring with your dogs, choose an activity you love to do and introduce it slowly to them. Here are some great resources for you on a Google search. As most training articles relate to individual sports, I would start by looking up the sport you want to do, for example bikejoring or skijoring. I also like these articles on Raising A Good Dog and Bluerose Malamutes.

You see there are some benefits to having a dog that likes to pull!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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