A pet pig's thunderous snoring has so infuriated a Chinese family's neighbors, the formerly petite piglet's keepers have had to move out a half-dozen times... and counting.  

Snoring Pet Pig Forces Family To Move Six Times

Back in 2010, a family from Shenzhen, China bought their daughter a cute “fragrance pig” from a local pet shop. “Dudu”, as she named him, only weighed 9 lbs and cost the equivalent of US$120. Six months passed and Dudu, thanks to a VERY healthy appetite, had grown to well over 40 lbs.  By then it was obvious Dudu was not as advertised but the family had grown quite attached to him.  

Snoring Pet Pig Forces Family To Move Six Times

Time passed but Dudu showed no signs of slowing down – by the time he reached the age of three he was tipping the scales to the tune of a jaw-dropping 330 lbs! Unfortunately, Dudu then began playing a different sort of tune. He snored. LOUDLY. So loudly, in fact, that the family's neighbors raised the issue. Dudu didn't seem to care and the bigger he got, the louder he snored.

Snoring Pet Pig Forces Family To Move Six Times

Dudu's family thought maybe a change of scene and a fresh start was all Dudu needed. They thought wrong. Their new neighbors proceeded to complain about Dudu's nocturnal noises and the cycle repeated... they've recently moved again, for the SIXTH time. It's not getting any easier, either, as it now takes five people to move Dudu's formidable bulk.

The lesson here seems to be: when buying a “fragrance pig” from a sketchy pet store, it's better to don't-don't than Dudu. (via ChinaPlus/CRI


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