Hideki Otsuka, a cat owner whose kitten constantly crashes out on his laptop's  keyboard, has found an amusing way to harness all that 'purr energy'. Otsuka may live in Yokohama, Japan but he's got a lot in common with anyone who's got both a cat and a keyboard: the former tends to conquer the latter.  

Snoozing Cat Controls Laptop With Its Breath

No one's been able to adequately explain why cats and kittens of all shapes, sizes, breeds and ages love nothing more than to cover that hard plastic expanse of clickable keys with their furry hides... in a good way, of course. It's a cat thing – you (or us) wouldn't understand.

That said, home-based human keyboard warriors have got work to do and those TPS reports are kinda tough to type when the buffer is a living, breathing feline. What to do? If you're Hideki Otsuka, you find some way to exploit the situation for fun and – maybe – profit! Otsuka noticed that due to all the living and breathing, his otherwise immobile and unhelpful feline was essentially acting as a source of “purr energy” which, much like a wind turbine or water wheel, could be harnessed for some useful purpose.

Snoozing Cat Controls Laptop With Its Breath

In this case, that purpose amounts to shifting the display of his laptop's screen in conjunction with the rise and fall of his kitten's diaphragm. Cat breath: not just for wrinkling people's noses anymore. We'd like to say that Otsuka's “solution” won't sway the world to (a) give up on fossil fuels or (b) eventually reverse the progress of global warming but hey – baby steps!        

Otsuka's whiskered power station appears unfazed by neither the viral (over 1 million views!) spread of the video at Otsuka's @cat_or_die Twitter account nor a recent feature on a Japanese TV show. A commercial for sushi, on the other hand, prompted MUCH enthusiasm.