Sniffing Out Humans At Petzbe?

Where are those dang humans? A new app called Petzbe claims its raison d'être is to provide a new world, totally devoid of human intervention. This new app’s slogan: “no humans allowed” certainly grabs our attention.

Many of us humans suspected the digital landscape would eventually come to this — that our dogs and cats would some day venture off to carve out their own space. Even their website doesn’t give you a hint to any Oz-like-homo-sapien lurking behind the curtain, pulling the strings.

Could it be true that with “one touch of our pet’s paws, they can really "sniff out” all their fellow canines and felines, devoid of any eaves-dropping pet owners?

No Android Users Allowed

A Globe Newswire was released on March 14 in New York. It announced the launch of Petzbe as a new social network app, where dogs and cats can communicate and share their lives through photos and videos, solely from their perspective. Their strict “no humans allowed,” policy was noted as a warning that this app would not permit human selfies, opinions, politics or any other of those crazy human points of view.

However, since the app can only be downloaded to an iOS device, we’re assuming in addition to excluding humans, Petzbe isn’t allowing any Android users into their Ivory Tower as well.

Pets in Charge

According to Angus Tegner, a Brussels Griffon, and CEO and co-founder of Petzbe, he sees the pet-runned firm as a “paw-some opportunity to bring together pets to create a loving feel-good app without human seriousness.”

“With Petzbe the whole world becomes your dog park or cat castle. While humans aren’t allowed to share on their behalf, they may have a glance at the app to enjoy our cuteness,” adds Tegner.

For avid Instagrammers, you’ll be happy to know that some of your fav cats have provided Petzbe with not only testimonials, but have also invested in Petzbe. Nala Cat, one of Instagram’s most famous cat, and her siblings White Coffee Cat, Luna Rose and Spencer, have helped fund Petzbe. These top cats have a combined loyal fan base of over 5 million followers, and according to their newfound Petzbe canine friends, the community has welcomed them with open paws.

“My family and I are excited to finally be able to announce our role as principals of the company,” purred Nala Cat. “I love Petzbe's positive vibes and that everyone is so loving, supportive and funny. And I’ve enjoyed being able to connect on a more personal level with fellow cats and dogs.

Angus, the CEO, and I are good friends, and we’re both super excited about doing this together. I hope my furry friends will enjoy Petzbe as much as I do,” added Nala.

Could there be a Wizardess?

The only thing I could find that smacked of any human intervention was the author of the Globe Newswire press release.

Kate Caruso-Sharpe, FischTank Marketing’s account executive left a tell-tale sign by listing herself as the app’s media contact. So if Oz is analogous to Petzbe, could she be the wizardess behind the curtain pulling all the strings? Or is she merely the hired help? After all, it’s a well known fact that while “dogs have owners, cats have staff.”  

So . . . if interested, I’ll leave it up to my readers to ask her those pointed questions. She can be reached here: Who knows? You may learn that Kate is really a cat, disguised as a humanoid.

Primary Source: Petzbe