A Walmart shopper stuck with a rattling cart found that instead of a loose wheel, a stowaway snake was causing the problem.

Rat Snake Stows Away On Rattling Walmart Shopping Cart

People of Walmart might be amusing but Wildlife of Walmart are guaranteed to be frightening! Just ask Rick Bowers, a Walmart shopper who only wanted a rollback but instead got a Diamondback. Well, sorta.

“This is how my trip to Walmart went!!,” stated Bowers of the video he posted at his Facebook. “I wanna go outside and get rid of it,” explained Bowers to store staff, “but I didn't want you guys thinking I was stealing groceries either 'cause I ain't paid yet. Unless you wanna pick it up and take it yourself?” As might be expected, staffers declined his generous offer.  

Rat Snake Stows Away On Rattling Walmart Shopping Cart

The small serpent appears to be a Grey Rat Snake and NOT a Rattlesnake as some news sites have been reporting. Pity... a rattler would have made for a better headline.

In any case, Bowers' herpetological hitchhiker has put Cassville, Missouri in the news   so they've got that going for them, which is nice. At press time Bowers' Facebook post has garnered over 12K shares. That's a lot of shares – too bad they're not Walmart stock.