A Thai man said 'nightie-night' to a snake caught in the act of Reptile Robe-ery – aka the act of eating one's wife's silk nightgown.

Snake Nabbed Nom-Nom-Noming On Wife's Pink Nightgown

Sakda Lasada, a 35-year-old man from Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand, come home from a night out only to find some rascally snake snacking on his wife's intimates... we've all been there, right?

Now hold on there, this was no bizarre love triangle – Lasada's wife wasn't even home at the time. A rather large Golden Tree Snake was, however, and as we all know a snake in the bedroom is MUCH worse than a snake in the grass.    

Snake Nabbed Nom-Nom-Noming On Wife's Pink Nightgown

Give the stunned hubby some credit: he could have challenged the scaly intruder to a duel over his wife's honor, or just plain attacked the brazen intruder. Instead, the gallant gent recognized the slithering suitor as non-venomous and his “crime” was nothing more than an appetite for pink silk lingerie... in this case, a LITERAL appetite.

As can be seen in this video recorded by Lasada on his phone, he gently tugged on the snake's tail, causing the serpent to slowly and safely regurgitate the mistakenly munched mu-mu. “I think the snake felt a little bit sick,” stated Lasada. “It's not the normal food they eat. It would have been very difficult for him to digest this. He could have had problems if we didn't pull it out,” explained the kind-hearted Captain Obvious before bagging the negligee 'napper and depositing him back outside. (via UPI and YJC)