It may not be a cereal killer but an escaped pet corn snake certainly executed an unsuspecting British man's appetite when it suddenly slithered out of a box of breakfast flakes.

Snake In A Cereal Box Ain't A Grrreat Way To Start The Day

Snakes? In MY cereal? It's er, less likely than you'd think but a recent incident in the UK shows it's not impossible. According to the RSPCA, a man from Sheffield in South Yorkshire had just poured himself a bowl of breakfast flakes when a live, 3ft-long snake slithered out of the cereal box and settled on top of his partially-open dishwasher.

“The poor chap was absolutely terrified,” stated RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Katie Hetherington to ITV News. “I think it was the last thing he expected to find in his kitchen!” Yeah, we can't argue with that. “I think he was expecting to have Cornflakes for breakfast - not Cornsnakes!,” added Hetherington, who may have missed her professional calling.  

Snake In A Cereal Box Ain't A Grrreat Way To Start The Day

The surprise serpent was still resting on the upset homeowner's dishwasher when Hetherington arrived on the scene. She was able to make a positive identification that, all kidding aside, the creature actually was an albino Corn Snake even though that species is native to North America. “Corn snakes are one of the most commonly-kept exotic pets (in the UK),” according to RSPCA senior scientific officer in wildlife Nicola White, “and they are particularly good at escaping!” They're decent hide-and-go-seek players as well, it would seem.

All's well that ends well with this reptilian tale, as the flaky snake is now recovering at a specialist center. As for the snake-shocked homeowner, we assume he's recovering too... and now frequents the local fast food drive-thru on his way to work.