A Shiba Inu dog from Japan stuck fast at the far edge of a thick hedge seems to have no worries, smiling sweetly while enjoying the view. Wearing a collar and contrasting with the rich green shrubbery, it's a cinch the snug-as-a-bug Shiba Inu was rescued from its privet predicament in time for dinner.


Far from looking “bushed”, the pinned pet seems content to hang out – well, head & forelegs at least – above the sidewalk and street a few feet below. Check out that smiling face: does this appear to be a doggy in distress? It seems certain the only “bark” forthcoming is on the hedge's maze-like weave of branches.


Frankly, we're not one hundred percent certain the peaceful pup is stuck – maybe he or she's just chillin' out and taking in the view. For all we know, this could be part of a daily routine. In any case, the prominence of the perched pooch and the hedges location in a well-traveled area means IF the pet felt distressed, someone would notice the fact in a very short time. Hey, the photographer did!

Sure, Shiba Inu's often have a happy expression (or what humans interpret as such) that may or may not coincide with what they're really feeling but this does NOT look like a dog in desperate straits. In a nutshell, have no fear for our four-legged explorer and take that smile at face value. (via Hamusoku)