Do you have a nervous dog or cat or maybe one that just needs some extra comfort and tlc?  Try out these amazing behavioral toys, Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppies and/or Kitties.

Snuggle pets have been around for a bit but have recently undergone some improvements and appeared at this year's Global Pet Expo.  These miracle toys have been gaining rave reviews on Amazon where they’re selling for around $34-$39.

Ultra soft and machine washable, these toys warm up with heat pack inserts and also have a "real feel" pulsating heartbeat that lasts up to two weeks on AAA batteries.  Because of those features, Smart Pet Love Snuggle Toys help reduce anxiety in pets, gives them some added comfort, and aids in behavioral problems such as separation anxiety.

The Snuggle Kitty differs a bit from the Snuggle Puppies in that it has another great bonus feature that the Snuggle Puppies don't.  Snuggle Kitty has a spot where you can put a feeding bottle which makes this not just a toy but a possible surrogate mom for runts or orphaned kitties.

Reviewers have been raving about what Snuggle Pets are doing for their pets of all ages (especially orphaned kittens, puppies, and older animals) and ailments.  Even owners whose pets aren't having any troubles are gushing about Snuggle Pets since they're a great way to show your fur baby some extra love.

Smart Pet Love Snuggle Puppies come in a variety of breeds and colors such as black lab, chocolate lab, brown mutt, golden, brown and white, "It's a boy" blue, "It's a girl" pink, and doodle (pure white).


There is only one style of Snuggle Kitty, tan tiger, but it's neutral enough to work for any cat.

While Snuggle Puppies and Kitties come with one heat pack and a heart, you can buy replacement hearts if needed and will also need to buy additional heat packs if you want them to continue to give off heat.

What are your thoughts on these adorable and innovative pet toys?

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