Trying to get going in the morning is all about rushing around to get things done and get you to where you need to be. This cute Sheldon the Snail Mug will remind you to slow down and enjoy the moment as you take in your caffeine boost.

Sheldon the Snail Mug
Sheldon the Snail Mug

This whimsical mollusk is a great way to step out of the rat race and prepare for the dog-eat-dog work day. No cat fights here! No dealing with bird brains either. (Wow! We really are a bunch of animals!) It's just you, Sheldon, and a slooooowwwww cuppa Joe -- or maybe a cup of Giuseppe if you are taking on a cappuccino. 

Each Sheldon is hand thrown of lead-free stoneware and fired in a bisque kiln. The artisan, JoAnn Stratakos, then sands, hand paints, glazes, and re-fires each mug. Made in Pennsylvania.

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