These sleeping cat umbrella savers help your brolly stand out in a crowd while displaying your love of cats, rain and sleep.

Sleeping Cat Umbrella Savers Boldly Mark Your Brolly

Seen one umbrella, seen 'em all... yeah, bumbershoots aren't all that distinctive, especially when “parked” en masse in the office vestibule on a rainy day. The odds of a co-worker walking off with the wrong umbrella are about as likely as the chance of a scattered shower in April.

Now there's a solution to the heartbreak of unexpected umbrella loss... not a silent killer and more of a First World Problem but still, we've all got enough anxiety in our lives without having to deal with this, amiright? So chin-up, mark your trusty folding rain-shield with a cute sleeping kitty, and watch the sun emerge from behind the dark cloud of brolly-deprivation.

Sleeping Cat Umbrella Savers Boldly Mark Your Brolly

These feline 'brella markers “clasp” the j-shaped handle like a napping cat grips a sofa armrest, flat screen TV, or some other unstable platform beloved by cats for unknown reasons.

The cats are made from thermoplastic elastomer and measure 8.5 cm (about 3 and a third inches) in length. Molded-in belly flaps do the gripping, leaving the legs to hang freely just like real snoozing kittehs.

Sleeping Cat Umbrella Savers Boldly Mark Your Brolly

Each cat is hand painted from the tip of the tail to the pink pads on their feet. Choose from six different breeds: Tea Tiger, Tuxedo, Japanese Bobtail “Mikineko”, Russian Blue, White, and Silver British Shorthair.

This short 22-second video from Felissimo Nekubu shows how to affix an umbrella-saver cat to a standard umbrella. Pretty foolproof, and pretty... period. For more info, please visit the product page at the Felissimo Nekobu Collection website.