A Kemptville, Ontario woman with more sensibility than scents, er, sense saved a skunk whose head was stuck in a discarded McDonald's McFlurry cup.

Skunk With Head Stuck In McFlurry Cup Saved By Scents-Able Woman

It's rarely a good idea to approach a skunk but a compassionate Canadian woman decided it was better to hold her nose than let one of nature's creatures suffer. The creature happened to be a skunk and by “suffer”, we mean having one's head stuck inside a carelessly tossed McFlurry cup. While the hungry varmint may have been in nom-nom nirvana at first, once the sweet dregs had been lapped up it's likely panic set in.  

Skunk With Head Stuck In McFlurry Cup Saved By Scents-Able Woman

As recorded by its rescuer, Facebook member Tina SG of Kemptville (near Ottawa), Ontario, the skunk is seen circling morosely outside a local car wash. “It was in obvious distress,” explains the sudden skunk-whisperer, who spent several minutes trying to coax the critter close enough for her to grab the stuck cup.

“I knew I might get sprayed big time and my day would be ruined but I went for it!,” she adds. “I'm shaking right now but I got it off and did not get sprayed, I kept calm! The remaining plastic was broken and loose, so she will use her paws to get it off. It's all Good! It's a stinky situation... lol.”

Skunk With Head Stuck In McFlurry Cup Saved By Scents-Able Woman

As odd as it may seem, this isn't the first time a skunk has caught its head in a discarded jar, can or cup – just a few weeks previously, a Chicago-area skunk was recorded wandering around neck-deep in a McFlurry cup.

“I would like McDonald's Canada (or Kemptville, ON) to consider donating to our local Rideau Valley Wildlife Sanctuary,” suggests Tina SG. “It helps rescue situations like these along with rehabilitation. McDonald's Canada PLEASE find an environmental solution to your plastic products!” As McDonald's has cleaned up its eco-act before – remember those styrofoam burger boxes? - maybe they'll solve the current conundrum. Besides, being called “Stinky McFlurryface” gets old REAL fast. (via CTV News Ottawa and UPI