german shepherd sings We Are the Champions
German shepherd singing along to "We Are the Champions"


The Internet is full of videos with singing dogs, and sometimes even cats, that like to rock out and sing at the top of their lungs when their favorite songs are played. Many of these videos have gone viral. Well, any one who is a fan of Queen and the group’s dearly departed lead singer, Freddie Mercury, now has a video that they can appreciate as well. It features a German shepherd taking a ride with his mom when Queen’s We Are the Champions comes on and the canine virtuoso starts belting out his own vocals to the song.

Singing Pet Videos

Whether he’s singing lead, or just the chorus, is anyone’s guess, but it’s classic, never the less. If you’re into stuff like this, you’ll surely enjoy the video. In many ways, animals “singing” are just as amusing and endearing as small kids and babies featured doing the same thing. For a lot of people, animals performing are actually quite preferable. You’ll have to be the judge of that. Either way, the pretty blonde driver gives a plausible performance her own self, as she smilingly encourages her pet to let ‘er rip as they carpool karaoke together. Enjoy!


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