Colorful graphics of Homer or Bart from The Simpsons highlight this officially licensed mesh dog harness from trendy pet products brand Zee.Dog.     

Simpsons Themed Dog Harness

Everyone knows Homer and Bart from the legendary animated TV show The Simpsons but can you name their long-suffering pet pooch? We'll give you a hint – more than just a hint, actually – it's “Santa's Little Helper”.

While the dysfunctional family's loyal (not so much) and clever (heh, who are we kidding?) greyhound doesn't display much in the way of dog clothing, collar, leash and accessories, real world pet-owners can superbly Simpsonize their pet with a colorful mesh harness from Zee.Dog!     

Simpsons Themed Dog Harness

While related items from the LA-based pet lifestyle brand take up multiple pages at Amazon online, this new, limited edition, the complete range of officially licensed, Simpson's-themed dog harness are a Zee.Dog exclusive... they even have Lisa and Krusty versions!.

The two versions we're featuring here are a blue harness with red straps sporting a plethora of Bart Simpson heads with varied expressions. The red harness with blue straps displays a similar design, only with a wealth of Homer heads displaying the iconic character's wide range of exaggerated emotions.

Simpsons Themed Dog Harness

The design follows principles used in athletic shoes: light weight, reduced pressure points, and ease of cleaning. Pet owners who are familiar with dog harnesses will appreciate the “one touch” functionality that makes getting in and out of the harness a pleasure for both the dog and the owner.

These nifty Simpsons-themed dog harnesses are composed mainly of polyester mesh with non-toxic ABS plastic used for the hard points. Sizes range from XS through L so almost any dog breed – yes, that includes greyhounds – can be accommodated. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product pages for HOMER and BART at Zee.Dog.

*** UPDATED on April 26th, 2021 ***