Company of Animals Clix Multi-Clicker

Company of Animals Clix Multi-Clicker


If you are planning to purchase or adopt a dog, it's best to have dog gear ready before you bring him home. Most people purchase basic things - a bed, a crate, collar and leash, bowls, a few toys, and dog food and treats. But basic necessities should include training tools.

Clicker training has become one of the most popular dog training methods and, fortunately for most of us, it is neither too difficult nor expensive. As far as expense is concerned, The Company of Animals (COA) in Great Britain has a novel Clix® clicker and training accessories on Amazon that are very reasonably priced. 

These products, among many others, were created under the supervision of Dr. Roger Mugford, a psychologist and farmer who introduced the concept of behavioral therapy to the veterinary profession by founding The Animal Behaviour Centre in 1979. Dr. Mugford retired as head of COA early this year, but the company's products will, no doubt, continue to reflect his knowledge and leadership in the field of animal behavior.


Company of Animals Clix Multi-Clicker

I really like the Clix Multi-Clicker!


Company of Animals Clix Multi-Clicker

Company of Animals Clix Multi-Clicker


The idea that you can control the volume of a clicker is superb. As you know, dogs have extremely sensitive hearing, and when you are training a dog, especially a new dog, you don't want to frighten her. The idea of using a clicker, after all, is to get your dog's attention, not to rattle her.

The Multi-Clicker has volume control so you can adjust sound to your dog's sound sensitivity, but also to his distance from you.It conveniently hangs from your wrist, so it's always handy. And the accompanying brochure offers ways to use the clicker to obedience train and well as train your dog to do some tricks. You will get the hang of it soon. Promise.

Here's a company video that shows the Clix Multi-Clicker in use:




Company Of Animals Target Stick

The COA Target Stick is a way to help your dog learn agility, obedience, and other specialized canine activities. You can use it as an accessory to clicker training or alone, depending on the focus of your training. 

Company of Animals Target Stick

COA Target Stick


The Target Stick extends from just about 6 inches to 27.5 inches. It helps your dog with visual focus on the bright red foam ball. This is great aid for any kind of event training or for teaching tricks your dog can do to charm your friends.


Company of Animals Target Stick


The COA Target Stick also comes with training tips, but here's a video that will help you visualize how it might work with your dog. (Video is in English with French subtitles.)




Company of Animals CLIX Treat Bags

I love the CLIX Treat Bags that you can hook or clip to your waist band or purse....


COA CLIX Treat Bag

CLIX Treat Bag


Company of Animals Retriever

But my true love is the Company of Animals Retriever, which keeps your dog's treats packed right inside, giving your dog even more motivation to fetch it!


Company of Animals Retriever

Company of Animals Retriever


You get the idea! Go get it boy! (Video is in English with French subtitles.)




You can check out more of The Company of Animals products here on


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