Honey has been prized for its health benefits by humans for many millennia. It has been used topically and internally for a wide range of complaints from stomach aches to wounds and burns. Only recently have the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey been confirmed by scientific research.

 Bee Collecting Nectar (Public Domain Image)Bee Collecting Nectar (Public Domain Image)

Now the makers of LifeMel Honey are moving the health benefits to a whole new level. They raise honeybees on nectars infused with specific medicinal herbs to create honey for specific treatments. They are creating honeys for support during chemotherapy, bronchial issues, and digestive health, among others.

Just a spoonful of honey morning and night is purported to improve health. The price for a 4-ounce jar can run from $40 to $80 depending on which variety you are looking to purchase.

 GastoMel by LifeMel for gastic healthGastoMel by LifeMel for gastic health

For more information you can go to the LifeMel website or the LifeMel wiki on Wikipedia. You can also order some varieties on Amazon.com. If you have the money, they've got the honey.