Kitten Rental Program

Everyone knows that Silicon Valley is home to more IQ points than anywhere else. Well, its newest brainchild has come from an animal lover who doesn’t work for Apple, but for the Humane Society of Silicon Valley.

The Brainiac is Finnegan Dowling, marketing manager of the Humane Society of Silicon Valley (HSSV), who believes that something in Silicon Valley needs to be worth what it costs. For $4,000 a month you can rent a 150 square foot studio apartment in the Bay area, she gives as an example. That’s about the size of a closet! 

Well now, for nothing, you can rent a couple of cats!


Kitten Rental


Dowling and the HSSV initiated a change in its kitten adoption program.  It is now the Kitten Rental Program, one which costs you nothing to “rent” at least two kittens and you get free supplies and parenting instruction from the center.

There’s no catch either, unless you think the age of the kittens are an issue.  The Kitten Rental Program is mainly for newborn kittens, those brought into the shelter that need more than general care. They are newborns brought directly to the HSSV by individuals or other shelters who have rescued them.  It is very important that these kitties have special care (they are infants, after all) that shelters cannot afford to give to hundreds of newborns at a time.


Kitten Rental Program


The Kitten Rental Program is a fostering program, but it is more temporary than most.  HSSV only asks that you take care of a kitty (ideally a few kitties, as they need each other for play and grooming), bottle-feed them, and give them indoor shelter for a few weeks - just until they are able to live at the shelter among the other kittens and cats. Of course, you may get attached to them and decide you want to keep them….

Relax. You can keep them if you want to. It’s a perfect program for the kitties and for you. No pressure; you don’t have to feel guilty if you bring the kitties back to the shelter. The shelter will help find them other foster parents or permanent homes.


Kitties for rent


We don’t all live in Silicon Valley, but there are other shelters that are sponsoring similar programs.  Hopefully, those programs are as well coordinated as the one at HSSV.  Make sure they have orientation programs for kitten renters and offer tips for bedding and shelter.


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