“Hey Honey, the water really stings this morning” but there's a simple explanation: your shower head houses a swarm of bees!  

Shower Of Bees Is A Honey Of A Way To Start One's Day

One man's Singapore Sling is another's Singapore Sting – if you're the guy whose bathroom shower was swarmed by the joyless buzzers. Photos posted to Twitter by @yokey017, a self-stated friend of the afflicted shower-owner from Punggol, Singapore show hundreds of dead bees littering the floor of the shower stall after they were exterminated via the use of Baygon, a powerful pesticide. Hmm, more like “Bee-gone,” amiright?

Shower Of Bees Is A Honey Of A Way To Start One's Day

It's not certain how the swarm infested the shower head but they sure made a honey of a mess once the Baygon was unleashed. Hopefully he swept up each and every carcass before his wife ventured in, otherwise the shower scene from Psycho will be repeated scream for scream. As for what happens next, well, this is definitely a no-win situation. The bees, of course, have bit the biscuit but who'd want to use that pesticide-infused shower head now? (via The Straits Times)  


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