You know that there is a lot of love for cats in your heart. This February show that fact outwardly with this fun Valentine's Day Cat T-Shirt.

Valentine's Day Cat T-Shirt
Valentine's Day Cat T-Shirt

This shirt is imprinted with a heart showing red cat silhouettes in a variety of classic kitty poses. Without any words specific to Valentine's Day you can wear it all year long. It comes in sizes for men, women, and children. You can also select from black, navy blue, baby blue, heather gray, or pink. If your man is very sure of his masculinity then he may actually be willing to wear a kitty shirt in pink. Okay that could be a joke gift if you're into that. Actually this shirt is so cute I'm thinking of getting one for each of my cat-loving friends!

To order a Valentine's Day Cat T-Shirt, click here.

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