This typical Walmart shopper forgot to wear a shirt to the store but his furry pet raccoon doesn't seem to mind.    

Shirtless Shopper & Pet Raccoon Roam Through Walmart

Not many people have pet raccoons and of those, very few dare to take their “tame” wild creature to public places like, say, Walmart. If that's something you've always wanted to see – and let's face it, there ain't no “if” about it – then feast your eyes upon this unnamed shopper and his equally nameless varmint. Bonus: the dude is shirtless. OK, maybe that's not exactly a bonus but it is what it is.  

Shirtless Shopper & Pet Raccoon Roam Through Walmart

The excellent People of Walmart website featured this man and his pet hangin' out (we see no shopping cart or basket) with his furry friend at the store's deli counter... exactly the sort of place you want to bring wildlife.

Regardless of the tasty delights everywhere in view, the raccoon appears calm, cool and collected. Perhaps he was fed before the owner left the trailer park. As for the young lady, what can we say: raccoons are chick magnets, especially when cuddled by shirtless dudes rocking backwards-facing ball caps.


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