This smiling Shiba dogs windshield sunshade shows the world your puppy love while cur-tailing car interior heat during the dog days of summer.   

Shiba Dogs Chill Out On This Cool Car Windshield Sunshade

Never leave dogs locked in a hot car... unless they're the cute smiling Shiba dogs featured on the "Welcome Back" Doggie Car Sun Shade from Felissimo's YOU+MORE! Collection.     

The 127cm (50 inches) wide and 61cm (24 inches) tall windshield shade is made of 100% polyester with a heat-proof aluminum film backing. It rolls up easily for convenient storage and attaches to your windshield with two non-adhesive, mark free suction-cup mounts that are included with every sun shield.  

Shiba Dogs Chill Out On This Cool Car Windshield Sunshade

The "Welcome Back" Doggie Car Sun Shade features a pair of grinning Japanese Shiba dogs, one of which appears to have a paw on the vehicle's steering wheel. Outta the way, Toonces!

Being that this product is made in China but sold in Japan, it may look odd that the shade's depicted steering wheel is on the “passenger” side. No worries, the dog isn't really driving so just relax and smile back. Felissimo has priced this dog-gone funny sun shield at 2,592 yen (about $23.50) and further details, ordering info etc can be found at the online product page.