Just add shoyu and this cute Shiba dog soy sauce dish "comes alive" to help pet owners enjoy sushi with a smile.

Shiba Dog Soy Sauce Dish

What's sushi without wasabi and shoyu (aka soy sauce)? A travesty, that's what! Providing the essential dipping sauce in just any old dish isn't acceptable either. What to do?

Include a Shiba Dog Soy Sauce Dish with your table setting – one dish per person – and you instantly add authentic Japanese cred to your dinner AND your rep!

Shiba Dog Soy Sauce Dish

The Shiba Inu is a breed native to Japan and is the smallest of the six official “Nihon Ken” dogs recognized as the country's national dog. Shiba's have recently achieved notoriety as being the face of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency – and the “Doge” Internet meme that both preceded and inspired it.  

Naturally, any newly-minted Dogecoin zillionaire would want to “invest” in a matching set of Shiba Dog Soy Sauce Dishes... and now you can too! Much sophisticated, so impressive.

Shiba Dog Soy Sauce Dish

The Shiba Dog Soy Sauce Dish is made in Japan from food-safe white glazed ceramic. The Shiba image is embossed into the un-fired clay so when soy sauce is added, the sunken area that makes up the dog's body darkens to magically reveal a “saucy” Shiba!

Each dish measures 3.5 inches wide by 0.7 inches high (9 x 1.9 cm). They're microwave and dishwasher safe, and should last a lifetime of gentle use. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at OMG Japan.