A sheep from Hertfordshire, England felt a tad sheepish (and relieved, no doubt) when the RSPCA successfully removed an orange traffic cone that had become stuck on her head.

Sheep With Head Stuck In Traffic Cone Rescued By RSPCA

Wot's all this then, ewe? It was just another day at the RSPCA when the call came in stating a sheep was caught in traffic... er, make that caught in a traffic cone. Seems an observant passerby spied the mutton-chopped and cone-topped mouflon at a farm in Chorleywood, Hertfordshire, on December 4th. That's in the UK, by the way, not France.  

Sheep With Head Stuck In Traffic Cone Rescued By RSPCA

It's safe to say the sheep was seeing red – and only red – when a team from the RSPCA arrived at the farm, and the critter's cooperation couldn't be counted on. “She could see over the top of the cone so I had to crouch down and sneak up on her,” explained Inspector Rachel Smith of the RSPCA.

“I managed to grab the cone and she backed away from me so she popped right out.” Good job, Inspector, obviously no one's pulling the wool (or anything else) over your eyes.


Naturally there's a lesson to be learned from this not-so-tragic tale so take it away, Inspector Smith: “Although no harm came to this unfortunate sheep,” she stated, “on a serious note people should make sure all hazards are removed from areas that farm animals have access to.” Ironic, isn't it, that something designed to help AVOID hazards should become one itself. (via BBC)