Shedding is the most common annoyance for all pet owners. In fact, shedding can be so bothersome that it turns away future pet owners from owning a pet. If you recall in my last article on the Safari Self-Cleaning Brush, I stated that there are only two brushes that I recommend. The ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool is that second brush.



A common misconception about shedding is that only long haired pets shed. This is very untrue. In fact, I've seen shorter haired pets shed more. A majority of the hair that sheds comes from the undercoat. The ShedMonster brush goes to the undercoat and removes all of that dead, loose hair that your pets would normally shed off. This removes the hair before it has a chance to end up all over the place. This dead hair can give your pets that dull-looking coat. 


ShedMonster Brush-Front ViewShedMonster Brush-Front View

 The ShedMonster is very effective at removing all of this dead hair. The brush is very gentle and soft. I have used it on dogs and cats of all ages and sizes. I have yet to come across a pet that didn't enjoy this brush. In fact, this is the first brush that my ragdoll cat let me use on her. It didn't snag or pull at the hair; it glided gently through the coat and removed all of the loose, dead hair.


ShedMonster BrushShedMonster Brush



They make two versions of this brush. One is for medium and long coats, and the other is for fine or short coats. Both can be used on cats and dogs. The ShedMonster is my favorite De-Shedding tool to use on my pets. I highly recommend giving this product a go! 

Click here for more info on the ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool for Medium to Long Coats.

Click here for more info on the ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool for Fine and Short Coats.

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