This six-and-a-half foot long shark-shaped sleeping bag puts the bite on restless sleepers while ensuring the nightmares begin before their eyelids even close.    

Shark Sleeping Bag Cuddles Chews-y Chums

Imagine awakening from a bad dream... only to discover reality is even MORE nightmarish. That'll be the scene each and every morning once you start sleepin' wit da fishes, and by “fishes” we mean a plush Great White Shark that can swallow you whole!

Well, swallow most of you: the 200 cm long x 70 cm wide x 40 cm high (78” x 28” x 16”) shark sleeping bag was designed so the average human's arms and upper torso remain out in the open, if that's any consolation (narrator: it isn't).

Shark Sleeping Bag Cuddles Chews-y Chums

The shark sleeping bag is resplendent in nautical blue-gray and white, accented with black and red trim – the red going in and around the “mouth” because yeah, sharkies! It's made from 100% polyester and weighs around 16 lbs.
“Chumbuddy” is credited as the sleeping bag's designer according to Village Vanguard, who state “It was created from his desire to bring more familiarity to sea creatures such as sharks and killer whales.” We have to admit, being eaten is about the most familiar way to interact with wildlife. You'll find more information and ordering details – sticker price is a whopping 49,680 yen (just under $450), by the way – at the Village Vanguard product page.