A great white shark was left a chomper short when it chomped down on an Australian kiteboarder's surfboard.

Shark Bites Surfboard, Leaves Toothy Calling Card

Flat Rock near Ballina in New South Wales, Australia is known for its near-ideal surfing conditions – Captain Cook attempted a landing there in 1770 but couldn't get past the breaking waves. The legendary British explorer didn't mention anything about sharks but they're there... and a lucky (but somewhat shaken) kiteboarder has proof.

Shark Bites Surfboard, Leaves Toothy Calling Card

The 'boarder posted photos of his board to Facebook and, along with the jagged outline of a bite marring the end of his board, a solitary detached shark tooth was left in the pale blue fiberglass. The unnamed kiteboarder states he thought he had hit a sea turtle but the tooth, one might say, points to the truth.

Researchers from the Department of Primary Industries examined the damaged surfboard and confirmed the tooth belonged to a great white shark. Fearing a return visit by the slightly diminished Jaws, surfers at Flat Rock have been advised to avoid any shark who whistles when they talk. (via Northern Star)