Washington DC's favorite overweight orange fatcat – no, not Donald – has found a new home with a caring family who will hopefully cut back on the kitty snacks. Make Ameri-cats slim again!

Seriously Obese Cat Sheds Pounds, Finds A Forever Home

Symba had it good... a little TOO good when it comes to tasty treats to eat and in this case, too much of a good thing led to Symba becoming much too much of a fat cat. According to staff at the HRA (Humane Rescue Alliance) in Washington DC, Symba came into their care when his aged owner entered an assisted living center and couldn't take Symba along. Considering Symba's bloated state, maybe this was for the best.

The six-year-old ginger tabby weighed a whopping 35 pounds when he arrived at the HRA's New York Avenue adoption center – that's about 15 pounds over his optimum weight. HRA staff reported that Symba could walk only a few steps before losing his breath.

Seriously Obese Cat Sheds Pounds, Finds A Forever Home

Symba needed to slim down and fast: his weight seriously affecting his overall health. In addition, one of HRA's functions is finding forever homes for rescued kitties and Symba didn't exactly present well if you know what we mean (and we think you do).

HRA staff assessed Symba's overall health and designed a custom weight loss program that included exercising on a cat wheel. Symba still had to eat but instead of treats, he dined on healthier kibble served in food puzzles to slow his intake while adding mental and physical stimulation. Looks like it's working: the HRA tweeted last Friday that a slimmer, trimmer Symba has already been adopted by an area family... presumably they've already got a cat wheel set up so Symba can continue to slim down. (via FOX5DC)