Police and pet-owners in Waynesboro, Virginia are on the lookout for a serial cat-shaver who has been selectively shearing some of the Shenandoah Valley city's kitties.

Serial Cat Shaver Razors Alarm In Waynesboro VA

Waynesboro: where men are men and cats are nervous. Seriously though, unauthorized cat-shaving is never OK and the bizarre “crime” (police have not determined if an indictable offense is being committed) appears not to be an isolated occurrence. According to Capt. Kelly Walker of the Waynesboro Police Department, two people told him their cats had been partially shaved by an unknown person or persons.

In addition, the concerned pet-owners sought permission to post warning flyers about the incidents around town. “They weren't really reporting it to police per se,” stated Walker, who said the cats were abducted individually in the Tree Streets section of Waynesboro and were returned sometime later with their genital areas shaved.

Serial Cat Shaver Razors Alarm In Waynesboro VA

One of the affected pet-owners is Maia Oden, who stated that somebody abducted her cat and then shaved its lower abdomen. She also said a similar indignity was performed upon one of her neighbor's cats several months ago. “He's real skittish and he feels really weird around people,” explained Oden in reference to her ginger tabby (above), “and something's happened to him and so we looked and he's been shaved underneath.” After getting the OK from the Waynesboro Police Department, Oden put up a number of flyers warning others about this new and unexpected risk to their cats. “This is very upsetting to the cats and their owners,” the flyer reads.

An official with the Waynesboro Police Department told a reporter from Harrisonburg, VA-based WHSV that “it is on their radar, but right now, they believe it could have been somebody checking to see if the cats were spayed or neutered.” Surely there are less invasive ways of determining that! (via AP News, NewsLeader, and WHSV-com)