For high quality dog and cat treats made with low allergen ingredients, baked here in the United States, look no further than Cloud Star! Since 1999, the Cloud Star crew has been hard at work to produce wave after wave of pure and delicious treats that all dogs and cats can enjoy.

It was about two years ago, but I distinctly remember picking up a box of Peanut Butter & Jelly flavored King Voltaire dog treats for Scribbles and Jessie to share. While the big baked biscuits were way too large for Scribble, (without me having to break them up for her tiny Yorkie mouth!), both her and Jessie the behemoth absolutely loved them. Making the crunchy doggie cookies into fun shapes of King Voltaire’s space ship, stars and other cute shapes was a sweet touch, Cloud Star!

If you’re looking for a healthier treat without the fillers and preservatives, I’d check out what’s cooking in Cloud Star’s kitchen. They’ve grown beyond their traditional Buddy Biscuits, as they offer a range of soft treats, grain free cat treats and a line of all natural shampoos to keep your puppy as clean on the outside as they are on the inside. Not only does Cloud Star provide plenty of unprocessed mutt munchies, but they give back to animal-supporting organizations around the nation, including Animal Shelter Inc, Wildhorse Ranch Rescue, Florida Boxer Rescue, as well as dozens more. How many pet food labels can you think of that help so many people and animals?

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