Who are the smartest monkeys now? For the second time in under a year, dozens of macaque monkeys have busted out of a Japanese zoo.

Mass Monkey Escape Has Local Residents Going Bananas

Managers of the Takagoyama Shizen Dobutsuen zoo in Futtsu, located about 40 miles southeast of Tokyo, aren't having much fun lately. Their resident troop of Japanese Macaques, on the other hand, are having a ball! One might say they're having more fun than a bar- nah, that's just too easy.

While native to Japan, these macaques are NOT native to zoos and given the opportunity they'll make a break for the hills, dales and hot springs quicker than you can peel a banana. Unfortunately for aforementioned zoo managers, that opportunity has presented itself for the second time in a mere 7 months, and the monkeys – no dummies they – acted accordingly.         

Mass Monkey Escape Has Local Residents Going Bananas

We're not talking a couple of stray apes here, mind you... approximately 70 of the pink-faced primates cut & run after someone sliced open the wall of their wire mesh enclosure with metal shears. No suspects have been apprehended and as for the monkeys, they ain't talking.

While local residents are concerned to say the least, the monkeys are playing it safe by returning to the zoo at their usual feeding times... how they can tell what time it is, we can't say. Zookeepers also managed to recapture roughly 100 monkeys who escaped last November, after winds from a passing typhoon severely damaged zoo facilities, by leaving food for them. (via Japan Today and The Asahi Shimbun)