Canine goes to Seattle dog parks on her own
Eclipse riding the bus with her pass dangling from her collar


We usually don’t see pets on city buses, unless they’re therapy or service dogs. In Seattle, however, passengers on one particular route are very familiar with Eclipse, a beautiful Lab who rides solo to the local dog park most days. So, how is she getting on the bus if her owner isn’t around? She has her own bus pass and it’s attached to her collar, that’s how. If you’re wondering why this is happening, the answer is simple: because she wants to go to the park.

Seattle, WA

The city of Seattle is very progressive in most ways. Actually, from northern California all the way up to Vancouver much of the population is pretty progressive and open-minded. Remember, this is where people from the tech industry reside. That’s probably why nobody seems to have a problem with Eclipse traveling un-escorted throughout the city. But, in all fairness, it’s not like her owner hasn’t tried to keep up.

Dog Parks

Evidently, all of this started when Eclipse’s dad would get distracted while waiting for the bus. Eclipse, on the other hand knew where they were going, and like all dogs in this situation, was full of excitement at the prospect of getting there. While the two waited at their stop, sometimes her human would get caught up in conversations. Eclipse being impatient, would hop on the bus when it arrived, with or without him. On occasion, the bus left without him and Eclipse’s dad had to meet her at the dog park.

Dog About Town

After this happened a few times Eclipse was given her own bus pass, and she’s never looked back. Yes, of course her dad still meets her there when he catches up, but Eclipse evidently doesn’t like to wait on anybody when she’s going to meet her friends. Every once in a while someone will take a picture of her and post it on social media, like a recent Reddit user who included this in their post:

"SeattlecityMisfit: So this is Eclipse. Every day she leaves the house by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park. She even has her own buss pass attached to her collar.”

Public Opinion

While a lot of people will find the story amusing, others will likely be upset. Hopefully, though, no one will screw this up for Eclipse and her owner. She’s apparently been doing it for sometime now, and she’d probably be extremely saddened to have her freedom and mobility taken away from her. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if she tried to find her way there on foot, if she couldn’t ride the bus, which would be far more dangerous.