These cute dog-shaped "Pawfect Nails" nail files are gritty and sandy all over, allowing users to rub their sharp nails until they're smooth as a puppy's behind.

Scratchy Puppy Nail Files Love To Be Rubbed

Let's be clear: Pawfect Nails nail files are for YOUR nails, not your dog's nails, though there's really nothing stopping your pooch from scratching away to their wee hearts' content. The result is the same – silky smooth nails and the sense of sublime satisfaction one enjoys after giving a cute canine a rousing belly rub!

Each double-sided file is coated with standard nail file grit that varies from 150 to 180, allowing the user to professionally hone their nails. At the same time, the mild joy and amusement that comes from gently tickling a puppy's tummy (even if it isn't really a puppy) is in itself a mild form of stress relief.

Scratchy Puppy Nail Files Love To Be Rubbed

Designed by Maria Jaen, these cute cosmetic accessories come in your choice of Dachshund, Golden Retriever, and Papillon. They measure 125mm long by 55mm wide by 3mm thick (roughly 5” by 2” by 1/8”) and weigh 9 grams (about 1/3 oz). each.  

So get with the program, gals (and yes, guys)... there's no need for nails as “ruff” as tree “bark” when you've got a Pawfect Nails pup in your pocket, primed & ready to smooth those talons. Order yours online at either Amazon or direct from SUCK UK. Sorry, cat-fans, at press time there's still no Gritty Kitty.