A few years ago, on a farm in Streator, Illinois, a 14-year-old bay horse named Scottee proved to be a hero when five coyotes marked his caretaker for an attack. Read on for more on this harrowing tale of animal bravery.

Robert Bennington, Jr. was visiting his brother's Old Moon Farm one Wednesday a few years ago, which he did  every morning about 8:30 to feed the family horses. His own home was just  down the road. Within the blink of an eye, five hungry coyotes were suddenly rushing towards him up a hill from the farm outhouse, and when he saw Scottee grazing by a creek below, he called out to the big bay to come and help him. (See: Hero Palomino  Protects Owner From Dog Attack.)


Teenage Girl hugs Big Bay Horse
Photo:Neer North by Phoebe Shelton

And that's when everything  happened. This horse that was so gentle and easy-going that he worked  at a children's camp during the summer, took off at a frantic gallop and planted himself in front of Bennington; rearing, whinnying, kicking and stomping the ground like a mad, wild stallion. (See: Beautiful Mare Saves Owner Attacked By Cow.)

Bennington was shocked to see this aspect in Scottee's personality and even more amazed when three other horses; namely, Danny Boy, Levi and Codee, approached and helped to form a protective circle around him. Then another horse named Blue joined the group,ready to defend the line and join the fight. He told the press: "I have seen cows do this to protect their babies, but never horses." (See: Donkey Saves Family From Wild Dog Attack.)

The Coyotes Move In for The Kill

The largest of the coyotes lunged towards him, and Danny Boy kicked it furiously. Undaunted, the coyote kept coming, snarling and barring it's sharp teeth. And then another coyote moved in for the kill, and according to the 68-year-old retired glass factory worker:

"Scottee came to the rescue, wheeled around and kicked him dead center, sending him for a loop. Levi caught the coyote in mid-leap and kicked him in the head....I really thought my number was up. All I had for protection was my cane." (See: Sergeant Reckless: Valiant Mare and Patriotic Marine.)

Scottee was a much beloved horse, and whenever Bennington  relates this story about how he  and his other equine pals saved his life, he cannot help but cry. This brave horse did unexpectedly a few months later after accidentally ingesting  a poisonous plant. (See: Half-Breed wolf Saves Elderly Couple In Snowstorm)

Good job, Scottee!

Rest in Peace.

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