You've gotta admit, Bai Bai's got personality and intelligence in abundance. Seriously, you MUST admit it: his hypnotoad-like eyes command all and sundry do exactly that. Can you imagine Bai Bai turning those blinding blinkers on you and you alone, late one dark and stormy night, as you awaken to find him sitting on your chest? Listen up, Hollywood, there's a movie to be made here and a star-in-the making is ready for his close-up.

All kidding aside, Second Chance Animal Aid Shanghai is to be commended for their ongoing efforts to improve the health and welfare of companion animals through education, health care, advocacy, outreach, adoption and the promotion of foster care as an alternative approach to traditional shelters.

The private, non-profit organization was founded in 2005 by Carol A. Wolfson, an international business consultant who over the past 25 years has been involved with children and animal charities in Asia. Currently based in Shanghai, Wolfson is heavily involved with fundraising for International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) projects in China in addition to her more local focus on the plight of Shanghai's homeless and neglected pets. “We believe it is the right of every companion animal to have a safe, healthy life in a loving home,” according to SCAA's mission statement, to which we can all say “Amen to that!”


Second Chance Animal Aid Shanghai

But back to Bai Bai. He may look like an adolescent Morlock but SCAA assures us that his temperament is friendly, gentle and quiet. He enjoys the life of a single cat and make the perfect pet for anyone interested in owning just one cat. “Watching the world go by from the safety of a window perch is a favorite pastime,” adds SCAA, especially when it's the Eloi going by on their way into the Great Sphinx. OK, I added that last bit... Bai Bai probably prefers Meow Mix to Weena anyway. (via Shanghaiist)



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