Traveling with pets by land, sea or air


Another scam alert, this one in connection with fraudsters trying to trick consumers into thinking they’re booking passage for their pets with air carrier Delta Airlines. Like traveling with a pet isn’t enough of a hassle, a mysterious Website purportedly doing business as is apparently conning unsuspecting pet owners into thinking they are dealing with the real Delta in an effort to take the money and run.

Pet Scams

According to several news sites, Delta is looking into the matter without much luck so far. The problem appears to stem from the fact that the tricksters are using a service which masks the true identities of individuals registering Internet domains. This hasn’t stopped the Atlanta-based carrier from filing a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Georgia on Thursday, September 21. Designed to look like a legitimate Delta site, complete with the airline's logos and images of its planes, Delta wants the public to be aware there is no affiliation between the two.

Air Travel with Pets

Delta maintains the bogus site has been soliciting shipment payments for pet travel while posing as the carrier, but that they offer no services whatsoever. In the complaint referenced above, Delta has stated that the fraudulent site is being used "to advertise bogus pet air-transport services and to dupe intended victims into believing that they are dealing with Delta and are tendering pet shipment-related payments and fees directly to Delta."

Buyer Beware

Delta is obviously not amused by this latest scam attempt. Besides denying any affiliation, Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant said in an e-mail on Friday, September 22, 2017, "We will always take action to defend our brand and prevent our customers from being confused and misled.” So far, repeated inquiries from various newspapers and the airline itself aimed at have gone unanswered. If you’re planning on flying with your pets anytime soon or know someone who is, be aware that Delta Pet Transit is a scam and pass the word along.