A new talking dog collar now expresses exactly what your dog is really thinking when you give her a bath or take her to the vet...


Cuss Collar

Cuss Collar


The Cuss Collar now makes it possible for dogs to really tell you what's on their minds. Like most loving parents, you probably often tell your dog,  "Oh, you're so cute... such a good little dog..." But with the help of the Cuss Collar, he might just bark back "Bulls**t" or "F*** U!"  Wait until you hear what she tells the groomer or the vet!

And what about the dogs and dog owners she meets on her walks? "Ruff"(B***ch!), "Ruff!" (M*ther!). It may be time to start practicing your 'nonchalant' look.

Just be prepared because here's an example of what can happen!



Yes, the Cuss Collar video is over-the-top, but as one video-watcher put it, "It's supposed to be over-the-top!"  And the company that created the Cuss Collar is also over-the-top, a company called MSCHF, which habilitually creates products that make mischief!.


Cuss Collar

Cuss Collar


The Cuss Collar, which sells for $60, sold out rather quickly, but MSCHF is apparently manufacturing more, so get your Cuss Collar ahead of availability here, on the MSCHF site. The collar seems to be well-made with a real patent leather band and a stainless steel closure and tag hook. The speaker runs on 2-AAA batteries.


Ruff, ruff...

Lady Bee


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