There are about 220 pedigreed dog breeds that are native to Great Britain and Ireland. Once in their hay day, these dogs were hardy working or companion dogs. They did what they were bred to do.

Now, even in their own homeland, 27 British and Irish breeds are on the verge of becoming extinct and 9 other breeds are on the watch list because of lack of knowledge about them or fashion trends. I could cynically report that there are not enough popular movies featuring these unique breeds, or the trends would be up. In fact, after the Netflix series "The Crown," featured the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, that breed came off the endangered list after 10 years of fragility - registrations up 40 percent in one year!



Otterhound, now the most endangered British dog breeds (image)


The beautiful, sparky Otterhound is now the most endangered British breed on the list with only 24 puppies registered in Great Britain. The Otterhounds were bred to hunt on land and water, but they make great family dogs and are said to have a marvelous sense of humor, almost 'clown like!'  Otterhounds, whose ancestors date back to the 11th century, are about to go extinct because there's not enough awareness about his breed.

The same is true of 35 additional dog breeds, many of which we know by name and from their appearances at the Westminister and other dog shows.

Save The Forgotten Dog Breeds is a Kennel Club campaign to increase awareness of the 36 forgotten English and Irish breeds. One event will be held at Crufts, March 8 - 11, in Birmingham, where there will be a special competition of the 'forgotten' breeds. At the show, there will also be a separate visiting area where attendants can visit with representatives of these breeds and learn more about them in person.

You will be surprised to learn which British and Irish breeds are near extinction - breeds like the English Setter and the Smooth Coated Irish Terrier... the Kerry Blue Terrier.  To see the list of all the endangered breeds (and they are also endangered in the U.S.), visit it here.

Kennel Club via Telegraph


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