This darling rescued Chihuahua loves her mistress with all of her little heart and enjoys nothing better than sitting in her lap. She is always by her side and follows her wherever she goes. In the past, the little dog had been known to bark only when the doorbell rang, but last month her unremitting barking helped to save 92-year-old Marie Alexander's life.(See my article on the homeless cat that saved a baby.)

Sassy and Marie Alexander


One day last month, Sassy followed her owner out in the Florida sunshine when she went to check her mail. Marie left her  cell phone inside expecting to return within a few minutes, but she tripped over a pathway stone and hit her head on the way back to the house. For five hours, Sassy tried to help her stricken caretaker and left her side only to bark at passing cars to try and get someone's attention. In between her barking tirades, the little dog would come back and check on Marie. "I remember her licking my face," she said. (See my article on brave Lulu the Pig.)

The house was hidden form view behind a fence and some brush

Passersby couldn't see the home from the road and according to Marie, she prayed and tried desperately to crawl into the shade, but could only go as far as an ant pile. Marie was alone except for Sassy, and even though her son and daughter-in-law live in a home on the same property, they were away for the day and not expected back until late that evening. (See Cat Guide That Saved a Hiker in the Alps.)

Sassy and her barking saved the day and her owner's life

The five hours passed slowly and hopes were fading until a couple walked by the house and the dog's incessant barking go their attention. The pedestrians (guardian angels) ran to bring help to the scene and Marie was immediately transported to the hospital. She is now back at home recovering from  dehydration, many bug bites and  a few bruised ribs  with Sassy firmly implanted in her lap. Their bond is stronger than it has ever been. The dog doesn't like to leave her alone, and always follows her like a shadow wherever she goes. (See my article on Tara the Hero Cat)

The melding between a human and an animal is enduring and unbreakable. It is built on love and trust, as are all relationships of merit. Marie had this to say about her beloved Sassy whom she rescued back in 2010: "People don't give animals enough credit for what they do...I am so glad I got her at that shelter." Perhaps the most poignant thing she said related to the depth of devotion and loyalty that lies at the root of all love and understanding can be summed up in one short sentence:

"I rescued her and she rescued me."

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