My own cats and dogs have always had a fondness for my shoes; I can't count the number of times I've found them asleep with their heads resting over one of them. Maybe it's the, excuse me, odor. The shoes have a strong enough odor to let them know the they're mine, and that's comforting to them, I guess. Picking up on that theme, perhaps, the Sasquatch II Pet Bed was designed after a shoe - a Croc shoe.


A really cute little pet bed for cats or dogs, the Sasquatch II has some unique features that my shoes don’t have. For example, you can remove the faux fur lining and put it in the washing machine.  The shoe, or shell, is non-toxic, anti-microbial, and odor resistant. And it won’t scuff or mark up your floors.

Therefore, the Croc-like shoe won't smell like your shoes; I guess you'll just have to tuck in a pair of your dirty socks!

The Sasquatch II Pet Bed is available in Firehouse, Fawn, Lollipop, and King’s Blue. You can find them all at (We will alert you if they become available.)

via Mousebreath

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