Warrior pets, come out and play! Give your pet a historic makeover with a set of handmade Japanese samurai armor.  

Samurai Armor For Pets Is Cutting Edge Cool

Even the meanest junkyard dog or battle-scarred tomcat will take a step back when little Fluffy and/or Fifi strut their stuff in suits of handmade samurai armor. It beats those canine cardigans and feline frou-frou frocks paws down when it comes to establishing street cred!

Samurai Armor For Pets Is Cutting Edge Cool

Designed to emulate the gorgeous lacquered armor worn by samurai soldiers of Japans Warring Era, these scaled-down suits may be medieval-looking but they won't weigh down even smaller pets. Speaking of which, the suits come in Small, Medium and Large sizes. Colors include Red, Black, Gold, and Silver. Helmets, swords and shuriken are not included.

Samurai Armor For Pets Is Cutting Edge Cool

As these samurai armor suits are usually made to order depending on your choice of size and color, it can take from 2-4 weeks before they're ready to ship. Unusually-sized pets can usually be accommodated, though a suit for a Great Dane will likely run higher than the sticker price of $200 per suit.

For more info and images of armored pets in action, please visit the OMG Japan product page.


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