A small frog inadvertently packaged in a bag of spring mix salad made the leap from house dressing to house pet thanks to an observant vegetarian diner.

Salad Stowaway Frog Avoids Fork, Becomes Pet

“Oh fork, my salad days are over!,” or thoughts to that effect, must have gone through the tiny amphibian's mind as Becky Garfinkel's sharp-tined instrument of dining doom descended like some stainless steel Sword of Damocles.

Luckily for both the frog and Garfinkel (“a very strict vegetarian due to meat allergies”), she spotted the unexpected intruder mere moments before it would be well and truly, er, forked.

Salad Stowaway Frog Avoids Fork, Becomes Pet

“Lucky”, as Garfinkel has since named the hitchhiking hopper, isn't the first frog to wind up in pre-packaged salad greens. In this case, the dime-sized critter found its way into Garfinkel's home (and dish) after the 37-year-old resident of Corona, California purchased a bag of spring mix salad greens at her local Target store.

Possibly stunned by an acid rain of tahini-lemon vinaigrette, the frog was stiff and unmoving when Garfinkel discovered it. Her husband washed-off the marinade and managed to revive the stunned stowaway while Garfinkel was in the bathroom, violently reversing the progress of her dinner.

Salad Stowaway Frog Avoids Fork, Becomes Pet

Of course, Garfinkel advised the store of the incident the way most such things are done these days – by posting on Facebook. “Target... this is the most disgusting thing I have seen,” she captioned the posted images of Lucky. “Yes that's a frog, a live frog from my spring mix I got from your store today. I discovered him after eating almost my entire salad and almost stabbed him.”

Target responded by sending Garfinkel a $5 gift card and promised they would be contacting the salad’s producer, Taylor Farms of Salinas, California. As for Lucky, this seemingly-doomed frog is living like a prince in a spacious terrarium Garfinkel installed at her office. “He survived so much,” stated Garfinkel to the Los Angeles Times. “I am just happy he survived and I didn’t eat him.” No doubt Lucky concurs.