Get that monkey off your back and put a lion there instead. This frighteningly realistic lion head backpack will make the wearer a big “mane” on campus faster than you can say “Bwana I wanna!”

Made from rugged polyester material with interior support from lightweight styrofoam polyester, this wild & faux-woolly rucksack is the next best thing to having eyes in back of your, er, back.

Weighing a mere 540 grams or just over a pound, the lion head backpack features adjustable straps and a 220mm (8.8 inch) long zipped opening on the reverse. The lion's visage is rendered in a realistic style that makes it appropriate for all ages, adults included.

Japan's Rakuten online shopping mall is featuring the lion head backpack, along with tiger and white tiger versions, for 5,980 yen (about $) tax-included though shipping charges are extra.

A number of sellers are also featuring these Big Cat backpacks so there's no excuse not to show your pride wherever you live!