Next time you crack open a cold can of beer, snip those six-pack rings so this unfortunate squirrel will be the exception and not the rule.

Sad Squirrel Snagged In Six-Pack Ring Snare

Canadians are known for their love of beer and their appreciation of wildlife. Sadly, the former doesn't always jibe with the latter... just ask this squirrel. Spied roaming Toronto's mean streets by Twitter member @brandenz, the pitiable critter appears to have slipped into the clutches of a carelessly tossed plastic six-pack ring. Now it can't slip out, and we're guessing it didn't even get to enjoy a beer for its trouble.

Plastic six-pack and 12-pack rings are not recyclable in Toronto, and the city's Waste Wizard website only advises they be disposed of with other household trash, which eventually ends up in a landfill. This leaves plenty of opportunities for scavenging animals to get tangled in the rings, however. The website also fails to suggest users cut the rings with a scissors, which is something EVERY user of this product should do.  

Sad Squirrel Snagged In Six-Pack Ring Snare

All the common-sense advice in the world won't help our Six Pack Squirrel, unfortunately. Squirrels may have adapted somewhat to living amongst humans but they're still notoriously skittish. Twitter member @brandenz states he tried approaching the rodent but it ran away – he saw it again, still entangled, several hours later.

@brandenz's post at Twitter hasn't had many Likes or Retweets so please er, Like it and Retweet it: it's all about raising awareness. As for those beer and beverage manufacturers who haven't considered switching to alternatives such as these edible six-pack rings, we suggest you get with the program and “hops” to it! (via blogTO)